Indosat BlackBerry 7 Data Protection

Indosat and SmrtGuard establish an exclusive partnership with seven service offers data protection for all i-Guard Indosat’s BlackBerry customers.

With i-Guard, Indosat’s BlackBerry customers harga hp oppo can perform backup and restore personal data (restore) wirelessly from a distance, including tracking the location of a BlackBerry device is lost or stolen.

Meanwhile, the main features of the i-Guard powered by SmrtGuard, among others:

1. Over-the-Air Backup
The ability to perform backups harga samsung galaxy s5 and personal data on your BlackBerry can be scheduled automatically and periodically. All data that has been di-backup/disimpan can be accessed through a web portal SmrtGuard.

2. Over-the-Air Restore
The ability to restore personal data wirelessly to BlackBerry smartphones. Ease the process of transfer of personal data to a new BlackBerry handset or if the customer wants to do a replacement handset.

3. Remote Track and Wipe
The existence of a BlackBerry smartphone harga hp lenovo can be traced remotely via a web portal i-Guard. This will help determine whether a BlackBerry smartphone misplaced or lost. If the BlackBerry smartphone is considered not to be saved again, the user can view the data that has been backed up earlier than other BlackBerry smartphones through a web portal i-Guard.

4. Loved-One Tracker
The ability to add users who trusted eg couples or families. ‘Loved-One’ to track users who have BlackBerry smartphones equipped with i-Guard via the web portal i-Guard.